Author Platform – Getting it all Connected

So… this is a quick post about my Author Platform.

Who knew being an author was so much work!

Today I linked my blog, Goodreads page, and Email signup list to all appear on my Facebook page.

Posthuman dreams: Winning Certificate

Tweeted a bit, got inspired by other writers who are actually writing today for NaNoWriMo, and then realized… I didn’t write a single word of my own!

(Wait, does this post count?)

Okay, tomorrow times 2!

No, wait a minute… this morning I also wrote the front and back material for my science fiction book that’s with the proofreader and will be ready for release Spring 2015. But still, I wrote not a word toward the sequel that’s stirring in my head and already starting to keep me up at night.

Wow, being a writer is full-time job, and nighttime, too. But, you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Stay strong. Stay a writer. The words will live on forever… and if they don’t, don’t worry. A million years from now a monkey with a typewriter will come along and write the exact same thing. A whole new author platform, too.

Hey, come on, it’s sci-fi. Everything is connected, right?


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