Our Future of AI, Robots, Bioscience, and all of Tech doesn’t mean anything unless it is Bent Strong by real human emotions.

POW Camp 100 - Boat Abandoned through Time

Our Future of AI, Robots, Bioscience, and all of Tech doesn’t mean anything unless it is Bent Strong by real human emotions.

The future holds an abandoned wooden boat that lies forlorn on a desolate shore, evoking a sense of solitude and the relentless passage of time, as the calm waters and overcast sky stretch into the distance.

…said an AI.


…Conjures up a range of intriguing and thought-provoking images and feelings. It suggests a mix of excitement, curiosity, and perhaps a little unease about what lies ahead. It’s a name that promises a journey into the unknown, filed with twists and turns.

It evokes a sense of a futuristic world, possibly with a twist. Think along the lines of cyberpunk or dystopian themes where the future isn’t as straightforward or rosy as one might hope. There’s a bend in the timeline, suggesting unexpected changes or deviations from the expected path.

It implies innovation, technological advancement, and the idea of shaping the future in unconventional ways. The “bent” aspect suggests a break from tradition and the norm, highlighting creative, outside-the-box thinking.

There’s a certain mystery to it. “Bent” suggests something altered or not quite right, which can be intriguing. It makes you wonder what caused the future to bend and what the consequences might be.

It could also evoke a sense of caution, warning of possible challenges or pitfalls in the future. The name might suggest that the future is not linear or predictable and that we need to be prepared for unexpected turns.

The name hints at alternative realities or parallel universes. It gives a sense of multiple possibilities and paths the future could take, rather than a single, predetermined outcome.

…an AI’s perspective on our BentFuture.

Reinvent yourself

After Mind crosses incredible technology with intense human emotion in the near-future story of a boy who is brought back to life by an Artificial Intelligence breakthrough.

Spencer Wolf on his Mindbender Sci-Fi Novel “After Mind”

I was privileged to be interviewed by Socrates (aka Nikola Danaylov). We talk about science fiction, life extension, my concept of an Enhanced Inversion Test for AI, and the personal stories that shape who we are. Watch for a vision of the future mixed with some memories of the past… and a super powerful computer from back in its day.

Or for a different taste of our future, I wrote a blog post: Should we anthropomorphize an AI who wants to kill us all? for SingularityWeblog. The answer hits right at our basic instincts, and I introduce Evolvers and Seeders.

Bend until Strong

After Mind - Visionary sci-fi journey into artificial intelligence and robot dreams

After Mind


Read more on the After Mind page or click below to buy the book now.

Four Days of Naples - Book Cover

Four Days of Naples


Read more about my inspiration from this story or buy the audio book now.

If you’re looking for a great new site to discover the best books, check out Shepherd.com. I was invited to list my favorite sci-fi books about survival that even non-sci-fi fans will love. Here are the five that I chose and wrote a quick review about each.

Red Rising

Pierce Brown

Hail Mary

Andy Weir

Slaughterhouse Five

Kurt Vonnegut


Carl Sagan

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